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Open Golf Tournaments

Participating in a golf tournament is definitely a worthwhile experience. You have a chance to enjoy a nice round of golf, meet new people and maybe even win prizes.

Golf Butler's database contains a listing of golf tournaments open to the public. Most of them are charity golf events, where enjoying a great day on the course also means supporting great causes. Click the button below to find golf tournaments in your area or to promote your own golf tournament on Golf Butler.


Looking for Golf Partners

Every day, golfers look for other golf partners to share their passion for golf. It often starts with a single round of golf and sometimes the connection can lead to a lifetime friendship.

Golf Butler's database contains a listing of members looking for golf partners anywhere, anytime. If you don't find a match in your area, post your own request and a new golf partner will surely contact you.


What is the most important element when selecting a golf course to play?